Full SEO Management

Should your company website need a complete SEO workout with sessions covering on-page optimisation, keyword research and competitor analysis, and backlink building then I can definitely help.

A holistic approach to SEO is one which builds long term value for the business while maximising the potential gain and minimising the risks inherent in relying on search engine traffic. The process involves understanding the business and tailoring the approach based on its goals and targets. The steps involved go something like this;

Understanding The Business

No search engine traffic campaign can be successful without first knowing what the business does and what constitutes its revenues – after all every business desires greater profits.

I will discuss the aims of getting more visitors to your website, either on the phone or in person. I will come up with a project plan based on an end goal which is likely to involve increasing sales, leads, customer enquiries or some other transaction.

Identifying Target Keyphrases

Once we have decided upon our goals together, we can begin to assess how we will achieve them and the first step is to identify a set of search terms that we will target. These keywords and keyphrases will be ones which are able to bring targeted, pre-qualified visitors to your website and will most likely include a combination of industry terms and location terms (e.g. blue widgets in London).

Competitive Analysis

For each of the terms identified in the previous step, I will carry out an analysis of the competition to judge which of terms we will carry forward into the implementation phase. I will base my decisions on your budget and the expected value to your business of high rankings in the search engines for these terms.

Website Audit

To stand the best chance of achieving top rankings for our target search terms I will conduct a thorough review of your website based on my knowledge of the ideal structures it should have. I will suggest changes to your website including, but not limited to, page titles, URL structures, internal linking between pages, quality of content and erroneous code.

I can help you implement these changes on your site and I will agree this with you before any further work is conducted.

Initial Analytics & Tracking

If you haven’t already installed one of the many website analytics programs freely available then I suggest that you do so in order to track any changes in the number of visitors you receive to your site once our SEO campaign has started.

Promotion Begins

Once we have chosen you target terms and ensured that your website is correctly optimised for them, I will begin the promotional activities. This will include:

  • Building backlinks from a variety of other websites that point towards one or more pages of your website
  • Social media campaigns to ensure that a natural profile of activity appears for your website
  • If required I will write additional content for your website
  • Gaining what are known as citations which will help you appear in the Google Maps listings

Ongoing Analytics, Tracking & Reporting

I won’t just go about my work and leave you wondering what the progress is; I will ensure that I maintain regular contact with you and provide reports of what I have done on your behalf.

I will keep track of your website’s search positions on our chosen keyphrases to optimise my ongoing efforts so that I can bring you as many high rankings as possible.

I will also look at your website analytics with you to assess what the impact of my work has been and how I can improve and take things further to achieve the very best results possible.