Paid Search Management

If you want more customers in a short period of time and have a budget to spend then I can construct focused search and display advertising campaigns and manage them for you on an ongoing basis.

My Experience

Before setting up my own business, I spent 3 years of my working life building and managing paid search (PPC or pay per click) campaigns for two large UK consumer websites. I had responsibility for monthly budgets that ran into multiple six figures and was charged with driving growth in revenue while maintaining certain profit margins.

Paid Search

So I am fully qualified to do the same for you and your business. I can identify what keywords and phrases people are searching for in Google where you would want to appear, I can suggest and optimise the amount you have to pay to get there and I can write compelling written copy for the ads that will have the most relevant people clicking through to your website.

The great thing about paid search is that you can start very small with initial budgets as low as £100 per month and scale up when things start to work.

Display Advertising

I also have experience in display advertising which is essentially creating banner adverts for your business and then locating highly targeted websites on which to place them.

If, for example, your business sells bespoke garden design and landscaping services, I would seek out websites around the topics of homes, gardening and property. I would then contact the owners of these websites and negotiate a price to have your banners displayed throughout.

Contact me now and you could have visitors to your website the same day!