Social Media Marketing

Many industries are ripe for social media engagement and not only can I help you build up your following, I can advise on the best ways to engage with your audience and turn them into customers.

Likes, followers, tweets, fans, circles, status updates; social media has brought with it a whole host of new language but they all come down to one simple concept – connecting with people online and interacting with them.

According to a comScore report in 2012, social media accounts for 18% of all the time spent online and, in the UK, some 98% of all online users engage in at least one form of social networking, the most popular of which is Facebook.

Many businesses approach social media in the same way they would any other marketing campaign but this is a bit like trying to drive a car across a lake – they fail to spot the boat lying at the edge and end up sinking.

To put it another way, imagine you are in a coffee shop, chatting with a friend when a guy turns up and tells you that you may have been mis-sold PPI; you’ll kindly tell him to go away and this is how many companies are acting on social media channels.

I know that the key to success with any social media is engagement but there are various steps to take along the way.

Building A Following

Before you can engage, you have to first have an audience so building an initial following is vital. It is easier to achieve this on some social networks than others and different businesses will find different networks give them the best results.

I am an expert in building a social media following and utilise various methods including targeted Facebook advertising, Twitter software and manual identification of key players in your field.

For local businesses I am generally able to target people who live or work close by because obviously these are the people who may eventually become customers of yours. After all, unless your service can be sold nationwide, there is little reason for you to have followers in other parts of the country.

Engaging Your Audience

Once you have a following on the various social media platforms, you need to engage with them. The aim of engagement isn’t necessarily to sell them anything; this comes later on. Instead, engaging with potential customers allows you to keep your business and your brand in the back of their minds so that when they do require the services you provide, they come looking for you specifically.

Engagement has to be, on the whole, quite focused and easy to digest; when surfing on social media, users tend to read and interact with a large number of things in a short space of time. They may be on their Facebook newsfeed, liking and commenting on their friends’ activity or browsing tweets and replying to and retweeting the stuff they like but only in a small fraction of cases will they be prepared to sit down and engage on a more substantial basis.

I can create an engagement plan of action and create all sorts of updates for you. I will combine, where appropriate, photos, short videos, newsflashes and updates from your own company and I will do so in a way that is most likely to bring those likes, comments, retweets and shares.

Monetising Traffic

Mixed in with all the engagement mentioned above, I will help you to turn your following into customers, clients and sales. Competitions, firesales, vouchers and the like, when timed to perfection, can bring new customers to your doors or entice existing customers to spend more with you.

I know how to get the most out of the whole process and will be on hand to walk you through it if necessary.

Additional Benefits of Social Media

There is little doubt left out there that social media has an effect on natural search rankings. By building your presence up and engaging on a regular basis, you may just find that you climb a few extra positions in Google, Bing and Yahoo and reap the extra website traffic and potential customers that this brings.

Social media platforms are also a great way to build social proof. The concept of social proof is that people are more likely to act when they know that others have done so previously. In other words, if a potential customer can see you have hundreds of Facebook fans or thousands of Twitter followers, their trust in you will substantially increase and they will be more likely to become an actual customer.

Feedback is a vital part of any business and social media presents opportunities for immediate feedback. It applies to both happy and unhappy customers and the way you deal with them can greatly affect others’ views of you and your company. Done right, even complaints can work to your advantage.

If all of this sounds horribly complex, don’t worry; simply get in contact with me and I’ll be happy to help you out.